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1. TNA starts with a Club car chassis typically 2004 to 2012 models, because we believe that the aluminum frame and quality of OEM manufacturing is the best fit for a full custom body build.

2. We remove the original body, test batteries, replace suspension bushings and thoroughly check all mechanical an electrical functions including tune-up and OEM part replacement as required.

3. We fit a custom fiberglass body on the bare chassis and align all body parts for mounting.

4.We remove the body and send to paint, paint can be PPG automotive finish or custom specialty finish.

5. While the body is being painted we install custom lighting and wiring per customer order: led underbody, led headlights and taillights, USB port, Radio, and street legal requirements


6. When the body painting is complete careful final assembly starts depending on customer order, including headlight and taillight install, grill emblems and decals, custom seats, custom dash panels, custom wheels, custom steering wheels and column and windshields.

7. After final assembly all carts are tested and rechecked for quality and function.

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